Eurovision Drinking Contest 2017

привіт європа! It’s that time of the year again to bring out the industrial fans, white clothing, and pyrotechnics. It’s time for Eurovision! A lot has happened in the world since Eurovision 2016, like a lot. With Populism becoming the new Capitalism, will Eurovision also follow suite? Despite a different political climate, the core of […]

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Eurovision Drinking Game 2016

Hej Europe! Eurovision, everyone’s favourite singing contest (who even watches X-Factor, seriously) is back for another year! Time for another round of bias voting, excessive use of smoke and wind machines, mentioning countries you forgot existed (San Marino is where?), and realising why the continent went into recession (how does Greece still afford to go in?).   If you’ve managed […]

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Eurovision Drinking Game 2015

  The world’s biggest singing contest is finally here! That’s right, Eurovision is back for another year of bias voting, extravagant costumes, and performances that make you realise why Europe went into a recession (pyrotechnics aren’t cheap). If you’ve managed to make it through life without knowing or understanding Eurovision, here is a quick summary […]

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Being Aware of Male Depression

Men, it’s time to take a stance against depression. In today’s day and age, depression has become one of the leading mental health disorders prevalent worldwide. According to Beyond Blue, over 45 per cent of Australians will experience a period of depression or a similar mental disorder in their lifetime. In any one year, approximately […]

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